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After long-term R & D, design and testing, the Naipu Mining successfully applied rubber lining, composite lining, rubber cylinder screen, etc. to ball mills, semi-self-milling machines and self-milling machines, and has achieved major technological breakthrough Innovation. It maintains a strategic partnership with CITIC Heavy Industry Equipment Co., Ltd. and other large domestic R & D companies.


Composite Mill Liner

The composite liner is a new type of liner developed by Naipu for the intermittent cracking of large semi-self-milling alloy steel liner and the insufficient preload of the large liner bolt, which result in slurry leakage and over-grinding of the mill. The service life of the lining board and the working efficiency of the mill are well received by users. The structure are metal lifting bar + rubber lining board, metal lifting bar + rubber composite lining board and composite lifting bar + rubber


Rubber liner

The wear-resistant rubber lining produced by Naipu Mining machine has been widely used in non-ferrous and ferrous mines, coal, power generation and other industries, and has gradually replaced the traditional wear-resistant cast steel lining, which has been recognized and praised by users.


Cured discharge end

Naipu Mining is the earliest equipment manufacturer in China to develop and apply the arc structure discharge end of large semi-automatic mills, and has accumulated practical experience in the transformation of many projects. Our goal is to optimize the structure of the discharge end of the semi-automatic mill for users, increase the discharge rate of the semi-automatic mill, increase the grinding efficiency and reduce the power consumption of the mill.


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