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Professional technical service engineer

Closely integrated with major mining customers, we have formed a strong technical service team. And transform their specialty into technical service to solve the problems encountered by mine's ore dressing equipment spare parts.

Marketing Service Team

In order to improve the efficiency of handling problems, we have perfected the marketing service system. From pre-sale, in-sale to after-sale, there are special people to follow up the project to provide customers with good service.

Service outlets

Continuously improve the global service network, ensure a clear technical division of labor around you, ensure more professional technical support from the initial consultation to planning and design, on-site inspection, to later goods preparation and delivery, after-sales complaint feedback, etc., Naipu Mining has established a perfect system, effectively ensuring the timely and fast transmission of information, so as to ensure that the right person is in cooperation Provide professional service and technical support at appropriate time.

Service outlets

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