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Cylindrical screen is a sorting equipment with simple structure, convenient installation, reliable use and high efficiency, which has emerged in the world in recent years. It is widely used in the classification of materials at the discharge end of various large-scale AG mills,SAG mills, and ball mills, and has been successfully used in various metal mine beneficiation systems.


Product introduction

Product Introduction

1, Overview

Trommel screens is popular around the world as classification equipment, associated with features of simple structure, easy mounting, reliable operation, and high efficiency. They are broadly applied at discharge ends of AG mills, SAG mills and ball mills for material classification. They are a success in mineral processing plants in non-ferrous metals mines.

2, Features

2.1 High screening efficiency, less blockage.

2.2 Simple structure, less space demanded, easy mounting and maintenance, no need of individually driving equipment or power supply.

2.3 High abrasion resistant rubber or polyurethane can be selected for different application.

2.4 Different apertures can be customized.

2.4 Different installation structures are available.

2.5 Low maintenance cost

3, Various Aperture Shapes on Screen Panels

Aperture would be designed according your processing data and the aperture is cone-shaped

which better prevent aperture blocking.

Structure of Screen Panel



Rubber trommel screens consist of metal frames and rubber screen panels. NAIPU engineers through R&D rubber trommel screens with various structures to suit specific ore dressing processes per customers’ different requirements.

Application Instruction

1. Cylindrical trommels and external circulation conical trommels are mainly used for mass classifying, coarse particle and scats removal at mill discharge ends, so as to improve hydrocyclone classification efficiency and extend pump’s service life.

2. Pre-classifying self-returning return trommels are used at grate mill or AG mill discharge ends for discharge classification so as to effectively control feed size into the secondary mills and to meet the milling technological requirements.

3. A mass and size classifying trommel can both remove broken steel balls and effectively control feed size into the mill in the next stage, with middlings returned for regrinding.



5, Design

Naipu adopts advanced software for design and analysis of trommels.

5.1 Panel skeleton strength analysis.

5.2 The model for FEA

Model (FE mesh not shown )

5.2.1 Deformation analysis

5.2.2 Stress analysis

5.2.3 Fatigue Analysis

6, Cases

Naipu trommel in CCC Philippines

Naipu trommel in Oyu Tolgoi Mongolia

Inspection of Naipu trommel frame by Rio Tinto

Related case

Rubber trommel screen case

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