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Wetend parts matching

According to different conditions of use, it is very important to choose a reasonable material mix. There are currently four commonly used material mix schemes.

R: Rubber impeller + rubber sheath + rubber shield (medium fine particles, medium and low head).

M: Metal impeller + metal sheath + metal shield (high temperature, containing mineral oil).

MR: Metal impeller + rubber sheath + rubber shield (medium and coarse particles, high-lift delivery, semi-self-grinding and discharging).

MMR: metal impeller + metal front guard + rubber sheath (medium coarse particle, high head, used when pump may be stuck).


Product introduction

Product advantages

  • Unique anti-wear (structure, material) design, long life of over-current parts.
  • The innovative front water seal design (patent protection) improves the efficiency by 3 to 5%, the impeller inlet has no circulation, and wear is reduced.
  • The pump has a wide performance range, good cavitation performance, high operating efficiency, and energy saving.
  • Multi-level series technology can be used to meet long-distance transportation.
  • There are many materials for the flow parts to choose from to meet various working conditions.
  • High cost performance, simple maintenance and convenient maintenance.
  • Can provide users with slurry pump selection service.

Innovative front water seal design (patent protection)

  • Block the flow of high-pressure slurry in the pump cavity to the low-pressure area of the impeller inlet through the gap between the impeller and the front guard.
  • Improve efficiency by 3~5%.
  • The front guard works under the protection of the flushing water, and can obtain the same life as the rear guard.
  • There is no circulation at the inlet of the impeller, and the wear is reduced.
  • No axial adjustment is required during pump operation.

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