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Naipu Mining Machinery is a listed company specializing in the manufacture of heavy-duty mine dressing equipment and its new material wear-resistant spare parts integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The stock abbreviation: Neptune mining machine, stock code: 300818, provides customers Value-added services such as heavy-duty beneficiation equipment optimization, beneficiation process design, consultation and optimization.

The company is committed to the research and application of high-performance rubber wear-resistant materials and rubber composite materials to improve the performance, reliability and life of heavy-duty beneficiation equipment, effectively reduce emissions, and comprehensively improve the operation rate and operating efficiency of heavy-duty beneficiation equipment in mines. The new polymer composite rubber material developed by the company has many advantages such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, economy, and environmental protection. It has achieved partial effective replacement of traditional metal materials, and has significant effects in reducing the cost of consumables in mining operations, energy saving and environmental protection. .



8000 tons

Plate vulcanizer


Sales country

17 years


Company Advantages

In 2012, the company's trademark was rated as a famous trademark in Jiangxi Province. In 2014, the company was rated as a provincial technology innovation demonstration enterprise, and the company's technology center was rated as a provincial enterprise technology center. In 2015, the company was approved to set up a post-doctoral research station. The company's high-efficiency heavy-duty rubber-lined slurry pump research and development project won the second prize of Jiangxi Scientific Progress. In 2018, the company won the first Jiangxi Provincial Model Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise, Shangrao. The second "Mayor Quality Award" of the city; the company was awarded "Jiangxi Provincial Demonstration Enterprise of In-depth Integration of Informatization and Industrialization" by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. In 2020, it won the honor of Provincial Design Center.

In 2018, the company was included in the construction plan of Jiangxi Engineering Technology Research Center in 2018,  and the Jiangxi Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center was established in 2018。

The company has domestically advanced 8000 tons platen vulcanizing press, large gantry machining center, CNC machining center, vertical lathe, Φ4.5×14m high pressure autoclave and other high-tech equipment. It is also equipped with a full set of inspections by the industry's advanced Taiwan high-speed rail company device. The company develops a variety of products for non-ferrous, ferrous and non-metallic mine beneficiation needs, covering the entire beneficiation process, mainly including slurry pumps and wear-resistant rubber wet end parts, hydrocyclone, wear-resistant mill rubber lining, flotation Machine rubber stator and rotor, trommel, rubber or polyurethane screen plates, rubber lined pipeline, etc., among which are the independently developed 750NZJ slurry pump, NX838 cyclone, 320m3 flotation machine rotor and stator, Φ3530×4805mm trommel and other products have also filled up a number of domestic and international blanks. The company's unique recipes and process make the entire series of products have high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance, and their life is several times that of similar spare parts made of metal materials.

“High technology, high quality "

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Strategic partner

  • Jiangxi Copper Group
  • Tongling Nonferrous
  • CITIC Heavy Industries
  • Zijin Mining
  • KAZ Minerals LLC
  • Oyu Tolgoi LLC
  • ME elecmetal,Erdenet Mining Corporation
  • And other well-known domestic and foreign mining companies or mining equipment manufacturers

The company's wear-resistant new material heavy-duty beneficiation equipment and spare parts have been used in many large-scale non-ferrous metal and ferrous metal mines in China, and are exported to many countries such as Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Au


Technical team

After years of accumulation in the mining machinery industry and the introduction of large-scale mining equipment manufacturing talents, the company has a professional R&D team with strong professional technology and experienced fluid mechanics, mechanical design, rubber formulation and process, specializing in mineral processing equipment, molds, Development and application of new materials and new processes. The company has also established a long-term cooperative relationship with Beijing Mining and Metallurgy Research Institute, Changsha Nonferrous Metallurgical Design and Research Institute and many other domestic mine metallurgical design institutes.

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