Slurry pump series

NZJA heavy duty slurry pump

NZJM heavy duty slurry pump

NZJF foam slurry pump

NZJH high-lift slurry pump

NZJL light slurry pump

NZJV submerged slurry pump


Mill spare parts series

Pulp hoisting bucket of outer ring (no.8)

Middle ring groove plate (no. 9)

Cover plate (no. 7)

Inner groove plate (no. 12)

Center plate (no. 12)


Vibrating screen spare parts series

Naipu Mining can design and produce different products that meet various environmental conditions according to different needs of users (different specifications, different uses).


Rubber composite pipe series

Steel-rubber composite pipe series

Rubber hose series


Cyclone series

1. More processing power.

2. The wearing parts have a longer life.

3. The scope of application is wider.

4. The classification granularity is finer.

5. higher efficiency .

6. Provide design and selection services.


Flotation machine accessories series

1. High balance accuracy and stable operation.

2. Stable performance, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion.

3. The product structure is simple and the flow line is reasonable.

4. Fully guarantee the flotation effect.

5. Light weight, easy installation and maintenance.

6. Complete varieties, mainly large and medium-sized: 320m³ (currently the world's largest), 200m³, 160m³, 130m³, 100m³, 70m³, 50m³ and other KYF and XCF flotation machine stators and rotors.


Slurry pump series

Mill spare parts series

Vibrating screen spare parts series

Rubber composite pipe series

Cyclone series

Flotation machine accessories series

Our advantage


lead the industry

A manufacturer of mining machinery equipment and spare parts that integrates research, production and sales.


Pursuit of excellence

The company has modern management mechanism, perfect quality control system, domestic first-class mining machinery equipment design capabilities and new materials, new product research and development capabilities, advanced production technology and strong equipment strength.


Quality assurance

Accredited by the international quality management system certification (ISO9001), international environmental management system certification (ISO14000) and occupational health and safety management system certification (ISO45001).


Win-win cooperation

The company aims at the development trend of the industry, adheres to the "high-tech, high-quality" product development path, and wins with quality. Many large domestic and foreign mines and mining enterprises have become company customers.

Service outlets

ADD:52 xingyuan avenue, shangrao economic and technological development zone, jiangxi province, China



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