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NEP Labor Union Holds "Celebrate New Year's Day, Welcome the New Year" Entertainment Event

In order to fully implement the "Nepul Cultural Year", enrich the spare time of the employees and create a warm, festive and peaceful holiday atmosphere. On the afternoon of December 30, the company's labor union held a "Celebrate New Year's Day and welcome the New Year" entertainment activities in the cafeteria. Many interesting entertainment projects attracted a large number of employees to participate.

The entertainment activity is sponsored by the company's labor union. The event has many contents and rich prizes. There were five exciting events in the event site: lucky touch ball, skipping rope, blind touch elephant, darts and table tennis. The project combines fun and entertainment. At the beginning of the activity, a long team was lined up at each game point. A series of smiling faces and bursts of laughter turned the scene of the event into a sea of joy and joy.

This entertainment activity adheres to the purpose of being people-oriented and close to the employees. For this reason, the company's labor union has carefully prepared more than 100 exquisite prizes, so that the employees can return to their homes after enjoying the game. The whole activity was carried out in a warm, festive, and peaceful atmosphere from beginning to end, so that the employees of Naipu had a relaxed and enjoyable enjoyment after their intense work.

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