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Naipu mining machine grandly held the 2017 annual staff congress and annual summary commendation meeting

At 15 o'clock on the afternoon of February 2, 2018, Jiangxi Naipu's 2017 employee congress and summary commendation meeting was grandly held in the new factory. The chairman of the company Zheng Hao and the general manager Cheng Sheng led the members of the company's leadership team to join hands with the employees of the company to share and witness the fruitful results achieved by our company in 2017. The meeting was chaired by Hu Jinsheng, the executive vice president of the company. The conference kicked off in the solemn national anthem.

At the meeting, the company's general manager Cheng Sheng first made the 2017 annual work report titled "Cohesion, Strengthening, Forging, Surpassing Dreams, and Creating Brilliance". The report systematically summarizes the company's overall work in 2017 from the aspects of the company's production and operation, technical research and development, product sales, quality and safety, procurement and warehousing, cost control and human resources construction over the past year, and proposes existing problems and In 2018, various work arrangements made clear instructions.

Subsequently, Executive Deputy General Manager Hu Jinsheng read out the "Decision Recognizing 2017 Advanced Departments, Advanced Units, Outstanding Employees, Outstanding 6S Managers, and 6S Standard Pawns." According to the agenda, the conference issued a total of 58 awards to advanced departments, advanced units, outstanding employees, 6S outstanding managers, and 6S advanced individuals.

After the awarding session, Jiang Jie, the representative of the advanced department, Guo Jisen, the representative of the advanced unit, Liu Yayun, the representative of the outstanding staff, and Chen Qiao, the representative of the 6S model soldier, took the stage to speak. In their speeches, they expressed their gratitude to leaders at all levels who cared for and supported them, and paid full respect to colleagues who supported and cooperated with each other. It is precisely because of countless such dedicated and enterprising Neptune people that our Neptune can ride the wind and waves, and be invincible.

Finally, Chairman Zheng Hao delivered a warm speech to all employees. The chairman systematically analyzed the current international environment, national situation and industry development trends, and the opportunities and challenges facing the company. He emphasized that the glory of Naipu's career and the company's development are inseparable from the united efforts and selfless dedication of all Naipu people. Behind the extraordinary deeds of each outstanding cadre and outstanding employee, they highly exemplify their sense of mission and responsibility for the development of Naipu's career. .

At 17:00 in the afternoon, the meeting ended successfully in the loud singing of "Internationale".

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