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Wind and rain go hand in hand-the 2017 Naples New Year Gala is staged!

At 19 o'clock on February 2, 2018, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, our company's 2017 New Year Party was held in the new factory canteen. This is a stage where our Neptune people share their joy. This is a grand event for us to witness unity, and it is also a magnificent feast for our Neptune people to sing New Year's dreams.

Chairman Zheng Hao and General Manager Cheng Sheng led more than 400 people including members of the leadership team, all employees, retired employees, and brokers to attend the party.

Before the party, the chairman Zheng Hao first addressed the party. On behalf of the company’s leadership, he thanked all employees for their hard work and hard work over the past year, and paid the highest respect to the employees’ families and brokers who have been silently supported behind the scenes. And holiday greetings.

The party kicked off in the youthful dance "Crazy Office". The whole party was full of splendor and climax. Various forms of programs such as sketches, cross talks, songs, and instrumental performances pushed the party to the climax again and again. The light and shadow program "Our Story" selected and delivered by the Technology Department reviews and shares the glorious moments of Naipu's development to this day with its novel perspective, picture by picture, one by one, without forgetting the original intention, brave the burden, and deeply infected It has inspired everyone on the scene.

The dance "The King Calls Me to Patrol the Mountain", selected by the Purchasing Department, with its funny body movements, witty dance style, makes people laugh, and the applause and applause of the audience one after another; the chorus "I believe" sent by the vulcanization workshop ", with its strong appeal, won the praise of leaders and employees. The "Chorus of the Yellow River" sung by the Quality Management Department sang the unanimous momentum, and sang our unique corporate style that is unique to NEP and has a high test ratio.

Of course, the party's wonderful programs are far more than that. There are also a variety of fun mini-games interspersed in the wonderful singing and dancing. Everyone is devoted to it, which causes the audience to laugh and make the hearts of colleagues closer to each other.

Here comes the best! To make everyone happy. A lottery was also set up at the party, and the prizes were also very generous. With the drawing of the fifth prize, fourth prize, third prize, second prize, and first prize, it also set off the climax of the annual meeting!

Passionate singing and dancing, exciting lottery draws, interaction between leaders and employees, singing and dancing, applause, cheers echoed from time to time at night. Accompanied by the chorus of "Tomorrow will be better", the 2017 New Year and New Year Gala has ended successfully.

2017, which has carried too much, has passed. For Naipu, 2018 will be an extraordinary year, and it will be a year to achieve a great leap. The Neptune people will be full of enthusiasm and hundreds of times. Confidently, go all out to complete the company's various indicators and tasks, use Chicheng, wisdom and sweat to write a new chapter in 2018, and write brilliant!

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