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2019 Kazakhstan International Mining Exhibition ended successfully

On September 20, 2019, the 25th Kazakhstan (Almaty) International Mining Exhibition ended successfully! Jiangxi Naipu Mining Machinery New Materials Co., Ltd. was invited to participate and showed that the Naipu mining machine was used to improve the efficiency and reduction of mine beneficiation equipment. Downtime, reduced cost and cost, provided system integration solutions, consolidated existing partnerships, and discovered a large number of potential customers, laying the foundation for the development of overseas markets.

The exhibition lineup is unprecedentedly strong, with hundreds of exhibiting brands from different countries, nearly 10,000 professional visitors, and a display area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters, not only supporting the development of Kazakhstan International Mining Exhibition, but also showing Central Asia The development momentum of the mining industry.


Naipu mining machine insight into the domestic and international mining industry market status, with a professional platform to the Central Asian region and the global mining industry, the country's leading mineral processing equipment, molds, new materials and new technology development and application. At the exhibition, the staff explained the application of the cohesive application in the beneficiation process, and introduced the visitors to the same spare parts products and mineral processing equipment that provide the mine with high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, and life expectancy several times that of metal materials.

During the three-day exhibition (September 18-20), the booth of the Neptune mining machine attracted many exhibitors to stop, and the staff always communicated with the exhibitors with full enthusiasm and patience. The product features and advantages are The company's staff members were most vividly displayed under the wonderful explanation. After the professional visitors and exhibitors on the venue had a certain understanding of the products, they all showed strong cooperation intentions.

Today, when the mining industry is surging, grasping demand is grasping tomorrow. With a more mature and professional attitude, Naipu Mining Machine will provide a system integration solution for the mineral industry beneficiation process, and contribute to the prosperity of the mining industry.

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