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"Quality Open Day" Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau and his party visited our company for guidance
September this year is the 41st National Quality Month. In order to popularize advanced quality knowledge, spread advanced quality concepts, and deepen awareness of quality and safety, on September 25, 2019, our company actively responded to the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and held the "Quality "Open Day" theme activity.



At 15 o'clock on the afternoon of September 27, 2019, more than 20 people led by Wan Luming, Director of the Municipal Quality Development Bureau, Wang Qiang, Director of the Quality Supervision Bureau of the Economic Development Zone, and Xu Huanren, Deputy Director, walked into our company to experience quality management and improvement up close The effectiveness of product and service quality is intended to strengthen quality awareness and enhance consumer confidence.


First of all, the AQSIQ and his party listened to the relevant reports on quality strategy and quality management in the conference room, accompanied by Liu Zhijie, the assistant to our chairman and director of the technical center, and Xu Bingliang, director of the quality management department. After listening to the report, the Quality Supervision Bureau and its team gave full affirmation to our company's quality management work.


Afterwards, the quality supervision bureau and his party came to the vulcanization production workshop of the new factory to understand the workers' operation of the production equipment and the control of product quality in production. For the questions raised during the visit, Xu Bingliang, the director of the Quality Management Department, answered them one by one.

Through this quality open day event, the management concept of "quality is the life of the company" has been deepened, which has played a positive role in further improving our quality and safety awareness.

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