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The 32nd Mexico International Mining Exhibition closed successfully at the Acapulco Convention Center in Mexico!

On October 26th, the 32nd Mexico International Mining Exhibition was successfully closed at the Acapulco Convention Center in Mexico!

After careful preparation, with high technical level, the high-performance spare parts of mining machine equipment have once again become a highlight in the industry. High wear-resistance, high corrosion-resistance, the service life is several times that of similar spare parts made of metal materials, attracting many foreign businessmen to stop to watch and consult and negotiate. Many of the questions raised by the mines regarding the application of equipment spare parts have shown a strong interest in cooperation after the patient's patient explanation.

This is a feast for the industry, but also a harvest journey. This exhibition not only harvested the cooperation customers, but also brought back the valuable opinions of the mine users.

Naipu mining machine has made long-term development in the professional manufacturing industry of mine beneficiation equipment and spare parts. It has made great achievements, has a certain brand accumulation, and its development is more stable. With good market operation ability, it has occupied a decisive position in the field of mineral processing equipment and spare parts. Despite this, the future will have a long way to go.

Naipu Mining Machine will continue to improve the management system, accelerate the process of building the Naipu brand, face the market rationally, and manufacture higher-performance products to serve the vast number of mine users.

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