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On the afternoon of Saturday, April 18, 2020, the Naipu Mining Machinery successfully held a donation ceremony for anti-epidemic materials on the company square.

At the donation ceremony, corporate representatives donated 100,000 masks to corporate customers in countries such as Peru, Chile and Mexico.


The donated masks are all medical surgical masks, which have been shipped through the afternoon of the same day, and will be shipped in batches to countries such as Peru, Chile and Mexico.


In the face of a violent outbreak, at a critical moment when countries are fighting the epidemic, as a Chinese enterprise with a sense of responsibility, Naipu Mining actively donated anti-epidemic materials, supported the fight against the epidemic with practical actions, and made a contribution to overseas partners' anti-epidemic prevention and control Power.


The masks of "Better destiny, togetherness and mutual benefit" Chinese and Western blessings expressed the company's support for overseas partners in fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the beautiful blessings to hope to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.


"Enterprises with enduring endurance and universal products" are the company's corporate goals and pursuits. The company is relying on a professional and international operating system with a "high-quality, high-efficiency, high-tech, and high-standard" business policy, based on the local, head to the World!

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