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Vibrating screen plate

Vibrating sieve is widely used in non-ferrous, ferrous mine, coal, road construction and other industries. Its sieve plate and sieve can combine different mixture materials into several materials with different particle size through single layer or multi-layer sieve to meet certain . Beneficiation process requirements.


Product introduction

Screen media

1, Overview

Naipu offers many types of screen panel with different materials. The screen hole shapes are round, square, long strip, wavy etc. In order to reduce the blocking phenomenon, the screen hole is designed as a trapezoid with a cone angle of 6°-10°, besides, the hole size can be adjusted at any time according to the actual situation and customer needs.With advanced design, Naipu screen media is widely used in many big mines all over the world.

2, Features

2.1 Light weight, low energy consumption.

2.2 Higher damping capacity, less noise.

2.3 Easy assembling and disassembling.

2.4 High screen efficiency.

2.5 Less blockage

2.6 Different apertures and different structures can be customized.

3,Panel models and fixing systems

Naipu can offer different panel models and fixing systems

Panel models

Slotted Panel 

Square Panel

VR panel .  

Solid Panel

Polysnap System

Double-Rail System

Single Rail System

Polysnap System 

Pin system

4, Design and Analysis

Naipu adopts advanced software to design the skeleton and do different analysis.

4.1 Model Analysis

4.2 Skeleton design

4.3 Model Analysis of Screen Panel


Naipu screen media in Oyu Tolgoi Mongila.

Naipu Screen Media in Kaz Mineral

Naipu Screen Media in Zijin China

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